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What can a Lawnbott do for your lawn?

How a lawn looks when mowed with a Lawnbott Actual Lawnbott Maintained Lawn
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Looking an alternative to traditional, gasoline powered, ride-on or push mowers? Not only is a Lawnbott an alternative, it is a better way of doing things. In addition to maintaining your lawn with a just cut look, it is cleaner, quieter and promotes a healthier lawn. According to experts, cutting less than one third of the grass blade length and mowing in different directions is better for the grass but it is something that few people bother to do. The regular trimming and random mowing of the Lawnbott does this automatically.
Unlike traditional mowing where your lawn may look shaggy 70% of the time, Lawnbott Robotic Lawn mowers will keep your lawn looking great all of the time. Instead of the familiar "grow and mow" cycle, it trims every or every other day. The small particle size (normally under 1/8 inch) allows clippings to vanish into the turf where they rapidly decompose. This eliminates the collection/disposal of clippings and returns rich nutrients to the roots, reducing the need for chemical fertilizers. An additional benefit of its constant trimming is that weeds are cut off before they can go to seed. This can dramatically reduce the need for natural or chemical weed control. Since it runs on electricity, dangerous fuels and other environmental pollutants become a thing of the past.


Lawnbott mowers will edge as well as cut the main part of the lawn. This is accomplished by a loop of wire with a tiny electrical charge placed around the perimeter of your lawn. The robot will center itself on this wire as it returns to the dock or travels from the dock to a secondary area (click to read more about how a Lawnbott works). This loop also keeps the mower contained within your yard. Once the scheduled session has timed out or the mower needs a recharge, it follows the wire back to its dock where it refreshes its batteries and heads back out. The dock can be installed on the lawn (or just off of the lawn) centered on the perimeter wire.

Robotic Lawn mower Edging Lawnbott Evolution Docking
Edging while returning to the Dock. Dock installed in Flower Bed
Lawnbott lawn coverage capabilities The Graphic to the left should give an idea what the Lawnbotts are capable of maintaining. Obstacles and grades will reduce this somewhat but it will hopefully put things in perspective. To cover the maximum possible area, the mower should initially be allowed to run 24 hours a day (about 10 hours actually mowing) 7 days a week. Once the unit has the lawn acclimated to to this schedule you can start cutting back the time until the right "balance" is found. Smaller lawns can initially be scheduled for less daily operating time.

Worried about a missed spot? Models are available with an RF remote so you can even control it yourself if you like. The LB-3500 can be controlled via a compatible Blutooth Phone or PDA
The Earth isn't Flat
If your lawn isn't level, no problem. Lawnbotts are designed to handle hills from 15 to 27 degrees depending on the model and traction wheels are available for tougher lawns. If you have an area that exceeds this, you may have to maintain that part of your lawn manually and let Lawnbott do the majority of your work.
Click Here to View our Easy Grade Check Guide
What Lawnbott can do for you compared to other options

If you are weighing the robot option against doing it yourself or using a lawn service, the Lawnbott wins hands down.

Buy a Lawnbott:
$1749.00 to $3249.00

Purchase a quality traditional mower:
Traditional: $500.00 to $800.00 - Tractor: $1400.00 to $3000.00
You still have to operate it 30 to 50 times a year. What's your quality time worth?

Hire a landscape contractor: (based on 1/2 acre)
Northern US - $40-$60 wk x 36 weeks = $1440.00 to $2160.00 per year
Southern US - $40-$60 wk x 52 weeks = $2080.00 to $3120.00 per year
Lawnbott can pay for itself in a season and is under warranty for two years.
After that, your mowing is essentially free!

A Dirty Little Secret
A little secret that landscape contractors normally fail to mention is something called cross contamination. This occurs when weed seed or turf disease is transported to your lawn from a lawn cut prior to yours. Not everyone opts for weed or disease control and this "inoculation" of your lawn all but guarantees that YOU eventually will. With a Lawnbott, on the job, the only thing that should arrive on your lawn are your bare feet.

You will forget that it's there

One thing that we could not possibly express here is just how quiet the Lawnbott is. Sure, we could provide a sound file but everyone has their speakers set at a different level. All we can say is that we get many comments on this and they all basically follow the same theme: "You said it was quiet but not this quiet".

All this for Less than the Cost of a 75 Watt Light Bulb
The Lawnbott is also easy on the pocketbook when it comes to energy. The average user pays about $10.00 in electricity for an entire year! For you more technical types out there, the unit draws 100 watts when charging begins, tapering down to about 30 watts over about 2.5 hours. While the unit is mowing it pulls less than 20 watts for the perimeter wire signal.
Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it?

We sure thought so when we tried these out a few years back. We were pleasantly surprised when these mighty little mowers actually did what they said they would. Our rapidly growing list of happy Lawnbott customers could not agree more.

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