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LB3510 Features, Zones and Bluetooth

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Unique Bi-directional Deployment
The perimeter wire is now a two way street! Prior to the LB3510 model being released, the only way that the Lawnbott mowers would travel while following the perimeter was clockwise. The LB3510 lets you select the travel direction that the mower uses when leaving the dock to head for a separate zone. This allows the mower to take the shortest route to the zone. Smart!
lawn layout lawnbott
Supports Four Zones
Aside from the mowers docking zone, it can also handle up to three others if required. The programing for this has improved to where you can now set the zones up by their percentage of the total lawn area. The mower will take it from there and manage the different areas by sensing their growth rates and adjusting accordingly. If it does not sense any grass it may delay or skip its next scheduled session.
Weatherproof Charging Station
lawn mower charger automatic Lawnbott robotic lawnmower in garage  
Just like all of the other lawnbott models, the new LB3510 charging station is both durable and rust proof. You simply place it, stake it down and plug it in. The electrical connections are a safe low voltage so there isn't any sort of shock hazard. A pavillion style roof is avaialble as an option.
As with all of the Lawnbott models, you can schedule the time of day that the mower runs and on which days of the week. The daily schedule can be set up into two sessions so that you can have the unit remain in its dock during certain hours of the day. Set up was easy and took just a few minutes. One thing that we hoped to see was a "back" button. If an error is made while changing a setting, you have to cycle through the menu again to correct it. Since you normally only program it once (aside from maybe a few tweaks), this isn't a big deal.
running time lawnbott
The Simple Menu Guides You Step by Step
Power Management
A traditional mower continues to scream along weather there is grass to mow or not. The Lawnbott will modulate the blade speed to match its mowing conditions. If it is not encountering any resistance on the blade (no grass), the LB3510 will slow the blade speed to conserve power. When is again encounters some work (growing grass) it will instantly return to full power mode.
Bluetooth Remote (Discontinued Feature)
bluetooth remote lawnbott robotic lawn mower

This was a bit of a tease for the techie types. Unfortunately, US based phones/PDAs have the required features switched off and US phone companies do not have an option to activate them.

No Remote
For now, the 3510 does not have a remote. The previous models came standard with a RF (radio frequency) remote and a good number of users end up putting them away once the "play factor" wears off. After all, all you REALLY need to do is get the grass cut.

Overall Impression
Since we first had our hands on this mower during its prototype stage in early 2007, we knew that it was going to be a winner. The since added compass and the new style spiked wheels for heavy grades have since completed the package. There were some issues with the 2008 models where they were spinning out the wheel centers. Maybe too much power? This area has been bolstered and the mower software enhanced so it is no longer an issue. This mower is well designed, quiet and has a great variety of useful features. The ability to upgrade the mower as the technology advances will be fairly easy for those so inclined to do it themselves. Easy access to the interior and "self repair" friendly component placement will allow almost anyone to perform any required maintenance. The software can even be updated via the Internet if required (we recommend contacting us for this). .
The Bottom line:
We were very impressed with this mower. If you only purchase the very best,
This is the mower for you.

If you are ready to automate your lawn chores....

The LB3510 Comes Fully Assembled
Just Lay the Wire and Let it Go!

It gets even Better....
It comes with a Two Year Warranty and...


Money Back Guarantee!*
We are so confident in the capabilities of this mower that we are making this no-worry offer to interested customers. If you are not sure if the mower will work on your yard and want to take advantage of this offer, please contact us before purchase so that we can evaluate your lawn. You can also purchase the mower now and enter the words "Money Back" in the comments box provided during checkout. We will contact you to discuss the features of your lawn to make sure that the mower is compatible before charging your card.

A Free Wiring Layout can be provided on request and you get access to our years of installation experience.

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*Offer Details:
If the mower fails to perform as advertised, we will refund you purchase price minus shipping costs and for consumables such as wire and pegs that would have to be replaced prior to resale. We feel that this is a fair exchange and hope that you do as well. The mower and dock must be returned in good resaleable condition and in the original packaging to receive full credit. The mower should be reasonably clean if returned. Offer good for four weeks from date of order. We must have an opportunity to evaluate your lawn prior to your purchase for this offer to be valid. Evaluations may be via phone or e-mail.



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