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The review below is by a customer with a more challenging lawn than most people have. He presently has an Evolution that is about two years old.
Lawnbott Mowers: Small things that reviews donít tell you.
David Stephens
Shoreline, Washington
Lawnbott Evolution Docking - Part of Review  

Are you thinking of buying a robotic mower but youíre worried about what the reviews and sales pitches do not tell you? Here are the basics.

First, let me say that I love my mower. It is quiet. It draws great reactions from dogs, neighbors and pedestrians. It will operate at night, though you may not want to have it running into the wee hours because it is still loud enough to be heard in very quiet neighborhoods. It is smart enough to go back to its charging garage when it is raining and mow a spiral pattern if it detects a section of tall grass. It is environmentally friendly and it is simply cool.
Can I run it straight out of the box?
No. You must first prep your lawn by burying a perimeter wire so that the mower knows when it should turn around. The perimeter wire is also the path back to the charging garage for when the battery is low or the rain sensor is triggered. You also need to schedule your sprinkler system to operate at times that do not conflict with mowing time.
Is it completely automated?
That depends on your lawn and the wheels you have installed. If your lawn is flat and even, then probably. If you have slopes, an oddly shaped lawn or uneven terrain and you do not have the Super Spike Hooked Wheels, then you may have to periodically rescue the mower. We have had two common scenarios without the hooked wheels. First, if the grass is wet and the mower encounters a semi-moderately sloped area, the wheels will simply spin until the battery dies. Second, if the mower manages to go outside of the perimeter wire, it will stop with an Out Of Border error. This scenario is easier to hit than you might think.
How a lawn looks when mowed with a Lawnbott
Click Image to Enlarge

Again, consider a sloped lawn. Normally, if the mower encounters the perimeter, it will stop, backup and rotate such that it faces away from the perimeter. However, when going down hill, it may generate enough momentum to actually carry it beyond the perimeter.

Oh and there is one other much less common scenario. Rain. The mower is smart enough to go back to its charging garage if it is raining, but unless Iím missing something, it will simply sit in the garage until someone pushes the appropriate buttons to make it try again.

How a lawn looks when mowed with a Lawnbott
Click Image to Enlarge
Will it mow my entire lawn?
Probably not, but it will come close. If you have sections of lawn that are narrower than about four feet, the mower will repeatedly attempt to change direction if it encounters the edge of that section. That is, it needs more space to maneuver efficiently. Also, you will probably still need to trim the edge of the lawn because the perimeter wire is inset from the edge of the lawn so that the wheels do not drop into the flower beds and cause blade to hit the ground.
What about mower height
Although it is adjustable, I think it is still too low considering that a slightly longer lawn is more drought tolerant. I adjusted the blade as high as it will go and my landscaper still tells me that my lawn is too short
My Recommendations
Buy the Evolution and a set of Super Spike Hooked Wheels. Donít even bother with the Spiked Wheel Set because they do not provide enough bite. The problems are minimal and you tend to eliminate them over time. It is also possible to upgrade the software on the mower in case they improve the mowing algorithms.
Just a few Updates and Notes: (we don't like to edit submitted reviews)
The wire does not need to be buried and we recommend that it is staked down instead. This is not because we want to sell more pegs. It just makes it easier to make adjustments that would be very difficult if the wire was buried. Installing a perimeter wire on a downgrade is not approved by the manufacturer. They recommend that there be at least a short, flat section (or nearly flat) at the bottom of the grade before the perimeter wire.
The mowers can automatically restart after rain fall! They have a menu option that allows you to pick "Pause" or "Resume"
We can supply a USB compatible cable for upgrading the software. Software upgrades can be a bit confusing to the uninitiated so we recommend speaking with us before doing so.
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