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The Robomow RM510 In-depth Guide and Review
Features and Zones
RM510- Overview, Body and Mechanicals
Safety Features
Features and Zones
RM510 Robomower Manual
Control Panel
New robomower control panel The cleanly designed control panel features a backlit display, obvious start and stop buttons and an on-off power button (lower left). The rain sensor is built in (the two brass dots at the lower right). Navigation of the menu is accomplished by scrolling up an down using the two gray buttons to the right. The operating lamp uses LED lamps that should remain working for the life of the mower.
New Menu and Program Options
The menu retains many of the earlier scheduling options while adding a few very useful features. In addition to the earlier proven systematic cutting pattern, you can also set it up to run a random pattern. This is most useful on a lawn that has a lot of obstacles, varied shapes or narrow areas.
Rain Sensor
The Robomow RM510 comes standard with a rain sensor where you can set the sensitivity. This is not a new feature and was standard on the RL-1000 since 2006. What is different is that the mower no longer skips the days mowing. It delays it for a time after the rain ends. While testing the mower, a light rain began and the mower obediently stayed in its dock with a message displayed noting the rain and that is was delaying its run. As per our setting, it went to work an hour after the rain ended. You can adjust the delay time to your liking. If it was to start raining while the mower is at work, it will return to the dock.
Off Lawn Docking

One thing that a lot of folks have been asking for over the years is to be able to setup a dock off of the grass to keep it out of sight when parked. This is now supported (not required) and you can place it under a deck, in a bed, or on a patio. You simply wire a peninsula of perimeter wire off of the lawn area with the wire spaced about 10" apart. You then put the dock on the right side, offset from center about 4".

The mower will leave the dock and latch onto the left side of the peninsula. It will then follow the wire for a distance before turning into the main lawn area. A zigzag in the wire will allow the mower to follow the wire to the dock while preventing the mower from getting into the docking pathway while mowing. This seems to work well. A few words of caution: Be sure that any areas traveled "off lawn" are solid enough to avoid wheel slippage. The mower will use its wheel rotation count to decide when to leave the wire and start mowing. Spinning/slipping wheels may cause it to leave the wire earlier than the set distance. If you have the room, we recommend setting the travel to the highest reasonable distance setting.
"Zone Jumping" is now Supported
Over the years, we have provided some "unofficial" tactics to our customers for automating a number of zones. These tactics are now officially supported with the RM series. Zone Jumping refers to wiring your yard in such a way that the mower will travel the perimeter to an area while passing through a bottle neck in the perimeter wire. Once past the bottle neck the mower would leave the wire to mow the inside grass area but not be able to escape the area. An easy way to visualize this is an hourglass with the top and bottom each representing a zone and a bottle neck in between. The wiring can be set as close as 10" but be aware that the mower will track to the outside a bit instead of running centered on the wire when passing through.
Why do this?
In some cases, you may need to have the mower travel over non-mown areas to reach another mowing area or a passage between areas may be too narrow to have the mower shoot the gap by chance. This can also allow you to have the mower concentrate on a certain area for the entire session. Many RL-1000 owners have been doing this for years.
New Escape Logic
If the mower figures that it has gotten trapped in a narrow area, it will latch onto the perimeter wire and travel some before turning back into the lawn. We will be adding to this as we learn more about just how smart this little mower is about using this.
18 Degree Hill Capability
Up from the 15 degree rating of the earlier RL models, this increase, although not substantial, will allow a higher percentage of lawns to be maintained.
Manual Controller is Now Optional

The new manual controller is now an accessory for those who cannot carry the mower or have small areas to be maintained by manually directing the mower. It connects in seconds and stores under the lift handle access cover on top of the mower. Since programming is done through the mower itself, it now has directional and blade activation buttons only.

The mower is covered bumper to bumper for one year (excluding blade).
Our Overall Impression
This is a well designed mower that should provide years of trouble free use. It is pretty quiet and energy efficient. Having torn it down, we think that more folks will be able to do their own out of warranty repairs than can do so with the RL models. We were a initially bit surprised that the mower is limited to 4500 sqft (RM510) but there apparently is a method to this madness. US lawns have been shrinking while the actual square footage of homes have been growing. This simply means less grass and narrower areas, making the new RM series a perfect fit.
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