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The Robomow RM510 In-depth Guide and Review
Safety and Security Features

RM510 - Overview, Body and Mechanicals
Safety Features
Features and Zones
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360 Degree Bump Sensors
Robomow bumpers The shell of the mower is sturdy enough to take the typical impacts experienced by robotic mowers. It is a floating design where the bump sensor trigger arm doubles as the hold down for the hood. The rear hinges have specially designed features that allow the shell to freely move when closed but hold it well when tilted. The sensor will trigger from all sides. Although we could not see a reason for the hood scoop other than to ventilate the hood when parked, it does add some style.
Front Wheel Lift and Tilt Sensor
Just like it predecessors, the blades will instantly stop if the front of the mower is lifted more than a few degrees. A new addition is the angle sensor that does the same if tilted from the side. If someone picks up the mower when it is turned on (docked or not), the unit will emit an alarm for a few seconds and warn the user to remove the fuse before lifting the mower. The fuse is easily located and is removed by pulling a sealed plug next to the charging cord storage area.
rm400 bottom
RM200 blade head
Robomow Mulching Blade
Recessed Blades and Isolated Mowing Head
This is the first isolated mowing head that we have seen. This allows the cutting head itself to to be adjusted without a wheel height adjuster. It also keeps the blade chamber as close to the ground as possible while keeping the ground clearance of the rest of the mower at the maximum. The blade is also recessed up inside the mulching chamber which is a great safety feature. The places the possibility of any objects being thrown at pretty much nonexistent.
Pass Code and Alarm
There are two levels of security. The first is a "child guard" that requires that a few buttons are pressed in order to unlock the controls. The second is a PIN number that locks the controls against any unauthorized use. Nothing new here but they do the job. In the event that you forget your security code, a "one time use" unlock code can be supplied for resetting the pass code once proof of ownership has been provided.
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