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Robomow (RoboMower) General Info

Does the RoboMower really work?
It sure does. The RoboMower is the next generation of lawn mowing products, a natural evolution to the next level in mowing, automatic mowing. It provides an exceptional quality of cut, equal to or better than what a walk-behind mower will provide. It provides a means and convenience for you to save time and effort, all while keeping a manicured lawn.

How does it work and how does it know where it is going?
A small wire is pegged to the ground below the grass level around the perimeter of your lawn, a similar type of technology that invisible pet containment systems use. This is a one-time setup and takes about as long as it does to mow your lawn one time. This wire will virtually disappear from sight in two to three weeks in normal growing conditions. This wire forms the virtual fence for the RoboMow , containing it to the area you are mowing.
The RoboMow uses an onboard navigation system, monitoring it's position relative to the wire around the lawn. In addition, it is always aware of its current driving direction and distance traveled. This is done by means of an internal compass-like device. This device provides the data to the mower and uses this information to determine the next most efficient path for the mower to take.

How long will it take the Robot to mow my lawn?
Generally speaking, it takes a good bit longer for the RoboMower to mow than a walk-behind mower. This can be an understandable concern from people who have never used the RoboMow, but as customers used the mower once or twice, they are no longer concerned about this. They just see the beautiful results.

While very small area can be effectively cut with one operation, it is recommended that you first operate the RoboMower in one area and view the results before choosing how to manage the two areas. Typically, we see RoboMower users cut their lawn 2 or 3 times a week, because it is so easy - simply set up the schedule and forget it. In fact, this more frequent mowing is actually healthier for the lawn.
Remember, RoboMower users can cut grass whenever they choose, any time day or night. Since they are free to spend this time elsewhere, it is truly a timesaving product.

Is the mower safe, I'm worried about it running when I am not around?
Basically, the fact that the RoboMower mows by itself without the presence of the operator, makes it the safest way to mow. However, you need to decide if running unattended is right for your situation or not. It is your responsibility to make sure bystanders, neighbors kids and such are not getting near it while in operation. If there is a possibility of kids or any unauthorized "guests" getting near it while in operation, it is highly recommended to use the Anti Theft mode, the Child Guard mode and keeping an eye on it in general.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the top two injuries from walk behind mowers are from thrown objects and from feet slipping under the mower. It is their opinion, and our experience as well, that simply separating the operator from the mower will dramatically reduce these injuries. The mower currently meets or exceeds all CPSC mandated requirements for walk behind mowers, such as foot probe testing and blade stop speed. Additionally, the safety sensors to detect bumping into an object, sensors to detect a lift of the cutting deck (and stop the blades), child lock safety features and manual operator presence controls all add in significant safety measures and systems to the user, far above that found on conventional walk mowers today. Simply a safer way to mow.

Since the RoboMower moves across the lawn in many different directions, won't I have lawn stripes that make my lawn look like patchwork or a puzzle?
The RoboMower does not leave stripes on your lawn after cutting, it is best described as a sea of green. Since it does not create a large airflow from the blade rotation it will not lay the grass down similar to a walk mower, which is what creates the stripes. However, since it is moving across the grass in all directions it offers a much better quality of cut than a traditional walk behind.

What happens to the clippings?
The RoboMower twin blade, dedicated mulching system, and the healthiest way to manage clippings for your lawn. Because it mulches in three separate chambers, it will actually mulch more effectively than most conventional mowers, thereby leaving smaller clippings that fall into the grass. These smaller clippings provide for quick decomposition into a natural fertilizer for your lawn.

Is the height of cut adjustable?
Yes, from 1.5 to 3.5 inches. This is controlled from the easily accessible adjustment knob. Adjustments take seconds

I have trees and other objects in my lawn. How will it work with these obstacles?
Obstacles or other areas within the lawn that should not be accessible to the mower are handled in one of two ways. If the object is rigid and at least six inches tall, the mower simply bumps into it and change direction. Other areas, like a flower bed or swimming pool, are excluded from the cutting area by using the same wire as installed on the perimeter. The object is simply looped out during setup of the perimeter wire. The inbound and outbound leads of the wire used to loop out the object are installed right next to one another. This causes the signal in this section of the wire to cancel, allowing the mower full access around the obstacle, but keeping it out of the area excluded

How long will a power pack charge last?
Depending on grass height and type, but normally up to 1.5 hours of run time per charge. It will then return to the dock, recharge and continue..
Many users split their lawn into 2 or more mowing zones. A common layout is to create one zone for the front and one for the rear lawn. The front in many cases is smaller and can be cut while other yard maintenance is performed. The rear can be cut at another convenient time or even at night without disturbing your neighbors. It is solely the judgment of the homeowner to decide if the area is secure enough for the mower to be run unattended.