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RoboMower Setup

How hard is it to install?
The RoboMower installation is an easy process that normally takes about a day depenging on your lawn size. No special skills are required. You simply unroll the wire, stake it down around the perimeter of your lawn using the supplied ruler and you are ready to go.

Will the RoboMower move from one plot to the other?
The RoboMower can navigate between two plots only if they are connected with a patch of grass. The minimum width of this area between the plots is 3 feet for all models. Using the entry point setting, you can mow different plots without any user intervention. This is explained very well in the robomow installation video.

The back yard is fully enclosed with a fence, do I need to wire it?
You sure do. The RoboMower must have an active loop of perimeter wire around any area to be mowed. It is a major safety feature. Without the active perimeter wire around it, initiating automatic operation a ‘No wire signal’ message will be displayed and the mower will not move an inch.

Can I connect a few plots, or even the whole yard as one loop?
Yes you could. A few or all plots could be connected together, as long as the two wires leading from plot to the other are parallel and laid down together. The two wires leading from one plot to the other will not be “seen” by the RoboMower, since it recognizes only a single wire. This is also how the RoboMower ignores the two wires leading to a perimeter island..

What is the longest wire I could connect to the perimeter switch?
Connecting to a regular perimeter switch the limit is 1000 feet.
Using the docking station, the limit is 2000 feet.


Will I have to remove the installed perimeter wire after every operation or for the winter?
No. The perimeter wire is there to stay for years.

I ran out of silicone filled wire connectors, can I just twist the two wire ends together?
This is not recommended. Twisting the two wire ends together will work for a month or two, then corrode and become a bad contact, which will result in a wire disconnected, an intermittent wire signal error, or even low battery indication on the perimeter switch. The silicone filled wire connector we supply prevents this corrosion.