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Cutting slopes

Slopes: What about slopes?
The best way to respond to this question is that if a slope is currently being cut safely with a walk-behind, the RoboMower will handle it fine. In automatic mode it is limited to 15 degrees and in manual mode you can mow wherever it is safe to walk. In addition, since the manual controller is connected to the mower with a cord that can extend to 8 feet, when you mow manually you could stand at the edge of the leveled area and let the mower drive on the slopes are while mowing manually.

mower slope graphic

Slopes: How do I know what my slope is?
You can check this using items commonly found in the household. See the image below.

grade limit for the Robomower

Slopes: Why is it limited to 15 degrees in automatic mode?
The RoboMower will raise its front wheel going uphill on a slope greater than 15 degrees. This will immediately stop the blades, due the front wheel lift off sensor, and mowing this slope will be far from efficient and may result in a "patchy" appearance