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LawnBott General Info

Does the LawnBott really work?
It certainly does. The Lawnbot is the latest version of the previously branded "Ambrogio" robotic mowers. They nibble on your lawn to keep it looking its best with the least amount of stress on the turf. Turf experts recommend that grass be cut frequently for optimum health. The Lawnbotts do this for you automatically!

How long will it take the Robot to mow my lawn?
That really depends on the size of the lawn. Since it is designed as a maintenance machine, the number of hours required will be higher than mowers that cut once or twice a week. This will keep you lawn looking its best all of the time. When working at the upper end of the 3/4 acre capacity, it may have to run up to 12 hours a day to keep the lawn to an even "just cut" appearance. Since the mower is so quiet, you can run it at any time of day without disturbing anyone.

How does it work and how does it know where it is going?
A thin wire is pegged to your lawn and it generates a weak signal. The LawnBott uses this signal to stay inside the area and follows the wire to perform its trim. It then starts mowing the main lawn area. The Lawnbot uses a random mowing pattern and switches to a spiral pattern when heavy grass in encountered (LB3200 Evolution and LB3500 only).

Is the mower safe, I'm worried about it running when I am not around?
Basically, the fact that the LawnBott mows by itself without the presence of the operator, makes it a safer way to mow. However, you need to decide if running unattended is right for your situation or not. An optional alarm system is now available that emits an alarm if the unit is picked up.
Many users set the unit to run in the front yard at night.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the top two injuries from walk behind mowers are from thrown objects and from feet slipping under the mower. It is their opinion, and our experience as well, that simply separating the operator from the mower will dramatically reduce these injuries. The low mass blade and cowling basically eliminates thrown objects.

Since the LawnBott moves across the lawn in a random pattern, won't I have lawn stripes that make my lawn look like patchwork or a puzzle?
The Lawnbot will not stripe your lawn very much (if at all). You may see a few wheel tracks in the lawn but they quickly disappear. A patchy appearance may occur if the mower is not scheduled to run for the time required to maintain the area being cut or the model chosen is run in a larger lawn than recommended..

What happens to the grass clippings?
The clippings only consist of the grass blade tips. These small particles fall into the grass and quickly decompose to feed the lawn. In other words: instant recycling!

Is the height of cut adjustable?
Yes, from 3/4 to 2 3/4 inches. This is controlled by adjusting the blade support post.

I have trees and other objects in my lawn. How will it work with these obstacles?
Obstacles or other areas within the lawn that should not be accessible to the mower are handled in one of two ways. If the object is rigid and at least 4 inches tall, the mower simply bumps into it and changes direction. Other areas, like a flower bed or a swimming pool, are excluded from the cutting area by using the same wire as installed on the perimeter. The object is simply looped out during setup of the perimeter wire. The inbound and outbound leads of the wire used to loop out the object are installed right next to one another. This causes the signal in this section of the wire to cancel, allowing the mower full access around the obstacle, but keeping it out of the area to be excluded.

What kind of grades can a Lawnbott handle?
All models with the exception of the Professional will scale a 27 degree slope. The Professional will handle a respectable 15 degrees. Special wheel options are available that will increase traction on steep or slippery slopes if required. The graphic below shows how to check your grades.

Lawnbott hills and grades lawnbot

How long will a charge last?
Depending on grass height and type, but normally up to 2-3 hours of run time per charge.
It will return to its dock for a 2-3 hour recharge and automatically restart if scheduled to do so..

Are the Lawnbotts Upgradeable?
Software upgrades are can be downloaded from the internet and be installed via connection to a computer. There is no need to do this unless a new feature has been added that will benefit your lawn or a software bug is affecting operation. We don't recommend that uses do this without instruction and we can provide assistance if required.. A LawnBott cannot be upgraded to another model with the exception of adding batteries (Plus or Ultra) or converting an LB2100 to a Lithium Battery. Accessory upgrades are available to enhance your current model such as spiked wheels and a remote control if you don't have one.