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Robomow (Robomower) Automatic Lawnmower

Friendly Robotics Robomow Automatic Lawnmower. Take the break your deserve! The RoboMow automatic lawnmowers feature battery powered blades and a powerful cutting system equivalent to a traditional gas mower. RoboMow is a dedicated mulching lawnmower that mulches better than a traditional mower thanks to its -Chamber-Mulching system and high blade speed. Grass is cut into very small clippings that are buried into the roots of the lawn where they decompose and act like natural fertilizer. The results are a better looking lawn and it eliminates the need to collect and remove the clippings.
With a weekly program, you do not have to worry about mowing, all season long. Press the GO button or schedule your RoboMow Lawnmower to automatically depart from the docking station whenever you like and as as often as you like, even at night! Your lawn will be maintained even when you are away from home. The mulching operation also saves you the hassle of disposing the clippings and debris.
Free time
No more spending your weekends mowing your lawn. Now spend your time with the family or friends and do the things you REALLY like to do.

SafetyDriving the Robomower with the manual  contoller
Automatic mowing and exclusive safety features not found on other lawnmowers make RoboMow the safest way to mow your lawn, period! Sensor equipped bumpers, mower lift detection and child lock are only some of the superior safety features of the RoboMower. The unit can be equipped with a manual controller that allows you to stand away and safely drive the lawnmower manually with the blades on or off. A smart phone app is also available that will allow you to do the same from your phone's touch screen.

Healthy lawn
Within each mowing session, the RoboMower cuts the grass in several directions and is much healthier for the lawn. Thanks to the mulching system, valuable nutrients will return back to your lawn. Our customers have been amazed by the efficiency of the Robomow mulching system, even in high grass.


High quality of mowing  
rs-630 Lawn Mower Mowing Grass Automatic lawnmowing and an optimal combination of cutting patterns result in high quality of mowing and beautiful looking lawn. Easy to adjust height settings let you achieve the look that you prefer.
Docking and Non Docking Areas  

RL-1000 Docking automatically All of the current Robomow models include a dock which can be used to power the perimeter wire of your entire lawn. In the even that areas are completely separate, a separate perimeter switch can be purchased to energize the perimeter You would simply drive the mower to the area, allow it to run and take it back to the dock when it has completed its cycle.. If a separated area is large enough to require a few mowing sessions to be completed, a second dock can be added and the mower moved between the areas a couple of times a week.

Separate areas of differing sizes (or of the same size) can utilize two separate mowers.


Easy Installation!
Anyone that can read a ruler and use hammer can install the Robomow in about the same time it would take to mow their lawn once. No special skills are required. The perimeter wire can be either just staked down using the supplied pegs, or buried a few inches down if desired. To make things even easier, a specially designed Roboruler is included with each unit to make the placement of the wire a snap. Your grass will grow over the wire in a few weeks and totally hide it. It's really that easy!

Environmentally friendly
The Robomow lawnmower uses no gas or oil, does not produce emissions, and is very quiet.

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RoboMow Comparison Chart
RC306 RS Series
Grass types Suitable for any grass type. St Augustine does require a high cut version.
Recommended lawn size:
Note: 1 Acre = 43,560 square feet
For lawns up to 5500 square feet (Typical 1/4 acre lot less non-mowed areas)
These lawns typically require traditional 21" mowers.
Primarily for lawns of 1/4+- acre.
RS612 14000 sqft (Typical 1/3 acre lot less non-mowed areas)
RS622 22000sqft (Typical 1/2 acre lot less non-mowed areas)
RS630 32000 sqft (Typical 3/4 acre lot less non-mowed areas)
Mowing System Single Blade Mulching System. No need to collect the clippings. Twin Blade Mulching System. No need to collect the clippings.
Mowing Height Standard Model Heights: .8"-2.75"
St Augutine Grass Model Heights 1.25"-3.25"
RS612/622 Standard Model Heights: .8"-2.75"
RS612/622 St Augutine Grass Model Heights 1.25"-3.25"
RS630 1.25"-3.25"
Mowing modes Automatic mowing mode and manual mowing mode with remote or App Automatic mowing mode and manual mowing mode with remote or App.
Mowing Power Equal to standard push mower
Slopes Up to 20 degrees - Click here to see how to check your lawn
Blade (1) Carbon Steel, Low Mass Star (2) Carbon Steel, Low Mass Star
Blades replacement Lawnmower Blades Snap-fit by the user. EZ change tool Included
Safety features Automatic Operation - RoboMower® is self operated without user interference
Child Guard - help prevent children from operating the RoboMow Automatic Lawnmower
Lift Sensor - stops rotating the blades when RoboMow is lifted
Sensors equipped bumpers - Touch sensitive bumpers all around the RoboMow
Perimeter Signal - RoboMow cannot be operated in automatic mode if the
     Perimeter Signal is off (the built-in p. switch automatically turns on only during scheduled operation)
Over-Current Monitoring Protection - Mowing and Drive systems are monitored constantly during operation preventing them from over-heat
Other safety features which make RoboMow the safest way to mow your lawn
Power Pack Lithium Ion (Maintenance-Free)
Charging time 2.0 Hours RS612/622 1.5 Hours
RS630 2.0 Hours
Average Work Time +- 1.0 hours per charge (varies by terrain and turf density) RS612/22 +- 1.0 hours per charge (varies by terrain and turf density)
RS630 +-1.5 hours per charge (varies by terrain and turf density)
Water resistance Yes Keep from direct spray of sprinkler systems
Theft Guard User controlled theft protection and disabling system using a personal password. SMS Text notification when alarm is tripped
User Interface LCD display panel with intuitive and easy to use menus.
Dimensions 25.2 x 20.5 x 12" 29 x 26 x 12.2"
Operating Weight 24 lbs 44 lbs
Noise level Measured - 68-74 db
Note: normal conversation at 3-5 ft = 60-70 dB

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