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Have a few acres to mow? The BigMow Robotic Lawnmower by BelRobotics will keep up to 5 acres maintained without an operator and is suitable for both commercial and residential lawns. It is also an excellent choice for universities, military installations and government facilities. It works equally well on sports fields, golf facilities and uneven terrain. Not only will it save time and money, it will keep your lawn looking better than it ever has before.

BigMow on a large turf area.
A Robotic Marvel
Through the use of sonar and touch sensors, BigMow randomly navigates the lawn area and avoids obstacles in its path. Setting the unit on "systematic" will cause it to to mow in a reducing rectangle pattern that reverses when complete.
random mowing pattern Systematic mow setting Bigmow charging
When a recharge is required, it will automatically return to its charging station and returns to mowing once the batteries have been refreshed.

Quality and Simplicity
Control Panel High speed mowing heads  
Advanced engineering, top quality electronics and strong structural components, result in a product of exceptional quality and durability. The BigMow has also been engineered to be both simple to install and easy to maintain. It utilizes a buried low voltage wire to define the perimeter of its mowing area and requires minimal blade maintenance.

A mower that is environmentally friendly

Traditional mowers require gas, oil and can produce a lot of noise pollution. The BigMow runs on clean, quiet electricity. Its whisper quiet operation allows it to be used in close proximity to both residential and commercial buildings.

Grass clippings become a thing of the past with BigMow on the job. The secret to this is that Bigmow continuously trims the tips of the grass and produces very fine clippings. These clippings disappear into the turf and then easily decompose to feed the lawn. This can reduce the need for chemical fertilization and even reduce watering requirements, due to the minimal "grass stress" that this method of mowing provides.
For additional information or pricing, please contact us
A DVD demo video is now available on request !
Give us a call at 215-886-4717 and press "1" for sales.
User Manual - 1.4MB
Additional Images: Click to enlarge
mowing edge hill-slope cutting hill Mower Frame
Access Cover Obstacle Detection Blade set Control Pad
Open access door Bigmow Front Commercial mower Commercial robotic mower
Maintains up to 5 acres
Reduces Labor Costs
Mulching system eliminates grass clippings
Reduces the need for chemical fertilizers
Battery Powered
Self Recharging
No Harmful Emissions
Sonar Sensors for obstacle avoidance
Tactile Bump Sensors
Extremely Quiet
Premium Quality Construction
Capacity: up to 5 acres
Cutting System: (5) floating cutting heads with hardened steel retractable blades
Mowing Heights: 7/8" to 3 3/4" inches
Blade Speed: 3700 RPM
Ground Speed: 2.2 MPH (reduces when sonar detects an obstacle)
Dimensions: 48" Wide x 52" Long x 20" High
Weight: 105 LBS
BigMow Warranty: 2 Years
Attention Government Buyers:
The BigMow has already been succesfully installed on a US Military Base. Please contact us for details.


Probotics is a division of Cyperceptions Inc.
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