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Maintenance - Blades, Charging, Cleaning, and Perimeter Wire
Maintenance on the LawnBot is almost nonexistent. By simply flipping or changing the blade, you should have little else to do other than occasionally wiping the mower down.


Can I sharpen the blade?
It is highly recommended to flip or replace the blade rather than sharpening it. Once a season is a good time to do it or when dull. Sharpening the blade will reduce its balance, which will increase mower noise, vibrations and could lead to damaging the mowing motor. Motor damage caused by using a sharpened blade are not covered under warranty. Dull blades will produce a ragged cut and will reduce the cutting capacity.

Is the blade hard to change?
Changing or flipping the blade is a simple process that only requires a screwdriver and only takes a few minutes.


Do I have to keep up with the charging process and unplug the unit when I think the battery is completely charged?
No, the charging system is equipped with a float control, allowing the system to remain connected at all times without risk of damage.

How do I charge it during the winter?
The Lawnbot uses a winter charging kit to keep your batteries in top shape. It takes seconds to connect and will help to ensure maximum life for the batteries. If your climate is not severe, the mower can just sit in the dock.

What is the life of the batteries?
When properly maintained, a lead-acid battery (professional model) will last two to three years/seasons on average. The lithium battery used in the Deluxe and Evolution models will last 4 to 5 years on average. Never place a lithium ion battery in with a lead-acid.

What is the cost of electricity to recharge the battery?
The average cost of electricity to recharge the batteries is approximately $10.00 a year.


Can I wash it like I used to wash my regular mower?
No you cannot. Although the LawnBott is weatherproof, it should not be subjected to direct water spray. Simply wipe it down using plain water or a general purpose household cleaner. This also applies to the charging house.

Perimeter Control and Wire:

Cut wire: Is there a simple way to find a break in the perimeter wire?
Sure there is. First, inspect areas on the wire where you have just done some work on, such as digging etc. Second, get in touch with us and we will send you instructions of how to find the break in the wire using some extra wire.

How do I repair a break in the wire or add a section of wire to an existing zone?
Use only sealed connectors. Twisting the two wire ends together will work for a a short period and then corrode and become a bad connection. These can be intermittent and cause your Lawn mower to seem to have a mind of its own and refuse to work when it wants to.