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LawnBott Operation
Does the LawnBott know where it had mowed already?
No it does not. Its navigates using a random pattern and has no memory

Will it recognize toys or objects left on the lawn?
If the object is taller than 4 inches and heavy enough, the LawnBott will bump into it and recognize it as an obstacle. It will instantly stop and turn away before continuing. Light objects will be pushed along. It is a good idea to periodically look over the lawn for objects.

Can two mowers be operated in the same lawn area?
Yes they can. This does require technical advice from our staff. and a "B" channel system.

Can adjacent neighbors use their LawnBott at the same time?
If a neighbor already has a LawnBott, you can get a "channel "B" unit that will prevent interference between the mowers. Please contact us if you require this.