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LawnBott Setup

How hard is it to install?
The LawnBott installation is an easy process that normally takes about the same amount of time as mowing your lawn once. No special skills are required but we can assist you if your lawn is complex. You simply place the charging house in a location convenient to an electrical outlet, unroll the wire and stake it down around the perimeter of your lawn using the supplied wire nails. Thats it!

Will the LawnBott move from one plot to the other?
The LawnBott can navigate between two plots only if they are connected by a patch of grass or a surface tha will allow the wire to be attached or buried. The minimum width of this area between the plots is 5-6 feet for all models although we have seen the unit sucessfully pass through a 24 inch passage. You set the unit to enter the lawn at a different point along the perimeter by schedule. By wiring in an "hour glass" shape, you can "trap" the mower in different areas so that it concentrates on and completes that area. It will then follow the wire back to its house for recharge. We can provide a tips to accomplish this easily.

The back yard is fully enclosed with a fence, do I need to wire it?
No you do not. The LawnBotts have a menu feature where the unit will not look for the perimeter wire when mowing. It will simply treat the fence as an obstacle. If you have beds, ponds or other areas that you need to protect, use of this feature is not recommended.

Can I connect a few areas, or even the whole yard as one loop to the charging house?
Yes, this is the required method.

What is the longest wire I could use?
The limit is 2000 feet. With the addition of a signal booster any workable length is supported.

Will I have to remove the installed wire or house after every operation or for the winter?
The wire remains in place after the initial installation. You may wish to bring the charging house indoors over the winter to reduce unnecessary weathering