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How the Karcher RC3000 RoboCleaner Works
Base Station Info
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Robocleaner Bottom view of the RC3000  robotic vacuum
Intelligent design and innovative features place the RoboCleaner far ahead of competitors.
robot vacuum on floorkarcher robotic vacuum navigationRobo Cleaner in chair legs
Traveling at about 7" per second, the RC3000 will cover roughly 600 square feet per charging cycle. The RoboCleaner does to need to be confined to a specific room unless an uninterrupted spot cleaning of the room is required. The oval shape of the robot will allow it to escape from robot traps like chair legs where other brands can endlessly circle.
Other Features
lifting the vacuum The RoboCleaner Vacuum will automatically shut when lifted.
Innovative rubber wedge guards keep the robot from becoming stuck under extremely low furniture guards keep the robot from becomming wedged
Karcher designed the Robocleaner to go almost anywhere Transitions between different floor surfaces and rolling over cords or cables are no problem. The angled traction wheels will not mar floors.
More questions?
Docking (base) Station Features
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
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