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RoboMower Model History: 1999-2015

RoboMower Models

There have been various models sold in the US since 1999.

Silver Classic: Made in 1998-1999. 1st generation RoboMower. Large, bulky and heavy. Slick wheels. Great quality of cut but less friendly then the RL series. One large blade, which needed special tools for replacement. Batteries and blade could be replaced by a servicing dealer only. Removable manual controller. Edge and Scan (The inside and main area of the lawn) mode were a separate operation to be initiated by the user. Sold mostly in Europe and a few hundreds in the US. Had some water resistance issues and suffered badly in shipping.

RL500 A and B: Manufactured in 2000. 2nd generation RoboMower. Slick wheels. 3 blades / mulching chamber technology. Blades click in and out and replaced easily with no need for any tools. Power pack removed by lifting it out of the mower, to be replaced or swapped easily by the customer without the need for any tools. Manual controller imbedded on top cover as an integral part of the mower. Scan mode follows the Edge mode automatically. Scan mode was less efficient since it stopped three times on the wire while detecting it, after retracting from it and for changing direction, which wasted a lot of time. Had some traction, charging and water resistant issues. Some are still sold by eBay sellers, unauthorized dealers or end users and as such are not covered by manufacturer’s warranty. Could be serviced at servicing dealers, but for a full payment by the customer.

RL500 C: Manufactured in 2001. 3d generation RoboMower. Knobby, tractor like wheels which improved traction significantly. Water resistance had been improved. Software improvements made Scan mode more efficient by reducing the stops at the wire from three to one. Could withstand a short unexpected shower but still had some water resistance issues.

iMOW: Manufactured in 2001. 3d generation RoboMower. Was manufactured for Toro in red and graphite black. 99% compatible with the RL500 C. Added Thermistors improved reliability and stopped the drive or mowing motors if overheating due unexpected resistance to drive or mow. Roughly a thousand were sold in the US. Some are still used or resold by end users or eBay sellers. Not covered by manufacturer warranty anymore.

RL550: Manufactured in 2002. 4th generation RoboMower. Improved software and hardware. Manual controller was changed in order to be totally water sealed, which improved water resistance significantly. Added Thermistors to prevent drive and mow overheating incidents.

RL800: Manufactured in 2003. 5th generation RoboMower. Improved software, hardware and water resistance. Added features to the menu allow more efficient mowing pattern and edge mode, by choosing wide or narrow scan for different shape of yards, learn edge mode to prevent the second edge which wastes power pack power etc. Totally water resistant with improved water drainage design. Still not recommended to be used in the rain due mulching efficiency and dirt accumulation.

RL850: Manufactured in 2004. 6th generation RoboMower. Improved software. Has the ability to upgrade to an RL1000 for utilizing a docking station.

RL1000: Manufactured in 2004. 7th generation RoboMower. Utilizes a docking station for charging and departing for a fully automatic mowing for the whole season. Stays outdoors all season, at the docking station. Customer sets the days of the week, the hours and the mowing duration and it docks at the docking station for recharging, departs at the set time of the day and returns for charging, all by itself.

Green RL850: 2005 model. Made solely for the US market and distributed by STC, the exclusive US distributor. There are no operational differences between the green or yellow units.

Green RL1000: 2005 model. 8th generation RoboMower. Improved software comparing to the 2004 yellow RL1000. Made solely for the US market and distributed by STC, the exclusive US distributor. A Rain sensor is added.

Green RM200 and RM400: 2009 model. One Blade mower featuring a completely new design and a new perimeter containment system.

Green RL2000: 2009 model. 9th generation RoboMower. Improved software, motor protection and an enhanced quality gearcase.

All RL Models: Discontinued in the US

RS612 - RS622 - RS630: Introduced in the US in 2014, but active in Europe previous years.. 10th generation Robomow. A complete departure from the earlier designs. Floating mowing heads and now offered with a Lithium Ion battery. All models now include a dock. If a separated area is too large for the shorter mowing times per charge, a second dock can now be added and it supports programming the mower to each dock area. In 2015 SMS text capabilities were added allowing the owner to be notified of a system failure or activation of the alarm. Handheld remote capabilities introduced with an App for both iPhone and Android phones.

RC-306: 2015 model. Introduced to the US in 2015 New, sleek appearance. Designed for small lawns. Features a single blade. A completely new design made to be user serviceable. Also features a dock and Lithium Ion battery.