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RoboMower Operation
Does the RoboMower know where it had mowed already?
Yes and No. Its special navigation method uses a pattern that changes directions and covers the whole plot many times. This means every square foot of the plot will be mowed in many different directions, providing a fine groomed "carpet" appearance once complete.
Each time the mower starts, it begins with a completely new mowing cycle without any memory of the last. It will however manage separate zoned areas if desired based on the percentage each zone represents. This is set up using the menu or App.

Will it recognize toys or objects left on the lawn?
If the object is taller than 6 inches and heavy enough, the RoboMower will bump into it and recognize it as an obstacle. However, this will prevent efficient mowing at the area the object was left. As a rule, we recommend that you sweep the area to be mowed and remove any objects left there. Small objects may be cut or damaged by the blades just as they would with a traditional mower. Unlike a traditional mower, an object that it encounters will not become a dangerous projectile.

Can two mowers be operated on the same plot?
Sure. Any number of mowers can be operated at the same time on one plot. The mowers will bump into each other and go to a different direction. The area will be mowed very quickly and efficiently. This is a good solution for very large yards and special set ups are available for just this purpose.

How much area can be maintained?
Each model list the area that it is meant to maintain. If it is rated for a half acre that is the limit that the mower can be assigned to. If you have an acre, two half acre mowers would be required. You cannot take a half acre mower and mow a half acre one day and move it to the next half acre the next day. The mower does a portion each day and shoud cover the entire area in two days or so once it at "maintenance" length.

Zones: What are Zones 1, 2, 3 ..?
The zones are used as a method of breaking up the lawn into more manageable areas and can also allow the mower to travel through narrow passes to other areas like from a front to a back yard .The mower can be set to travel to these areas automatically.

Can adjacent neighbors use their RoboMower at the same time?
Yes, they can. An A and B channel setting will prevent one interfering with the other. If running two mowers (or more) on the same property, it is recommended that they run on different channels.

Can I put my dock in my garage or shed?
You can only do this if you have a door that allows it to enter or exit as it returns to the dock to charge or its shedule tells it to start mowing. Many people build small houses resembling a dog house for their mowers. Some even have a plackard with the mower's name. Some of the more popular names are Moe, Trimmy and Hal.