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    FriendlyRobotics Robomow RC-RS Blades Low Cut


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Robomow RC-RS Blades Low Cut  
Manufacturer: FriendlyRobotics
Part#: MRK6101A
Ship Weight: 4 Lbs.
Sale Price: $69.90
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Product Information

Product Description:
Robomow Low Cut Blades (Pair)
Two Replacement Low Cut Blades for the Robomower RC and RS Series mowers. Depending on when your mower was built, it could have either high cut or low cut blades.
If you are not sure, they can be identified by color. High Cut Blades are black and the Low Cut Blades are silver. High Cut Blades will not fit on a low cut model without alterations to the mower body. Low Cut Blades will work on either type, but will provide a lower cut of .8 to 2.75 inches.

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Robomow blades spin at a very high speed. They should not be sharpened due to the possibility of balance issues which can cause vibration. Vibrating blades can shorten mowing motor life.

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Technical Information

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