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Safety and Security
LB3510 - Overview, Body and Mechanicals
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Safety First
LB3500 Review Guide The new 360 degree tactile bump sensors are an amazing mix of engineering and simplicity. If you or your child ever had the popular game "operation" their trigger is surprisingly similar but obviously a bit more durable and precise. Three discs are centered via springs. If the cover is hit so they move to where they touch the sides of their mounting holes, a connection is made and the system trips. Simple, yet extremely effective.
Safety Bumpers An additional safety feature is the touch sensitive lifting handle. When lifting, the mower immediately stops the blade.

Although not safety related, another new feature is a Digital tracking compass. On a larger lawn with long grades present, gravity can cause the nose of the mower to be gradually directed downhill. This is most apparent when the mower is crossing a grade. The new compass takes a reading as the mower starts off from encountering a border or obstacle. It then monitors direction and corrects as required.

A Consumer Products Safety Commission approved blade guard is now standard.
In addition to the security PIN number, an audible alarm is included with the LB3500 as a standard feature. Once activated, the alarm will sound if an unauthorized person picks it up. It won't rattle your windows but is loud enough that no one will want to be carrying it. If you feel that even more security is needed to allow you to sleep at night, we do offer our own higher protection system. Please contact us for information.


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