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The Lawnbott LB3510 In-depth Guide and Review
Overview, Body and Mechanicals - updated 3/12

LB3510 - Overview, Body and Mechanicals
Safety Features
Features, Zones and Bluetooth
LB 3510 Manual 1.9MB (PDF Format)

Lawnbott LB3500 Video Video 4MB
lb3500  on lawn lawnbott lb3500 detail
What Makes it so Special
The New LB3510 is most advanced, feature rich robotic lawn mower available today. That make it two in a row for Lawnbotts with the previous honors having gone to the LB3200 Evolution model. This new mower takes the proven performance of the Evolution to the next level with a wider cutting width, standard twin Lithium Ion Batteries, even stronger wheel motors, 360 degree tactile sensors, strategically placed safety touch sensors, Bi-directional deployment and four zone capability. Read on to learn what all this means to you and how easy it is to use.
What's in the Box
  • LB3510 Robotic Lawn Mower
  • Docking Station
  • 600' Feet of Perimeter Wire (you may need more)
  • 200 Pegs
  • Power Supply
  • Wire Signal Transmitter
  • Blade
  • Perimeter Wire Installation Ruler
  • Easy Install Instructional DVD
Capabilities and Coverage

The combination of twin lithium ion batteries and a wider 14" cutting width allows this Lawnbott to maintain an entire acre of lawn right out of the box. The LB3550 Ultra adds a pair of batteries and pushes into the area of 2 Acres (perfect conditions). The cutting height is roughly 1" to 23/4" and with the addition of extra traction wheels, the climbing capability approaches 30 degrees.

Form VS Function

This is by far the most stylish design that we have seen in a domestic lawn robot (or any other lawn mower for that matter). The nice thing to know is that quality was not sacrificed just to create an eye catching mower. The sleek molded shell opens easily (Clam Shell Style) for access to the inner workings and the control panel features large easy to read buttons and backlit LCD display. A weatherproof, fully assembled dock completes the package.

Robotic mower controls  


What's Inside
Lb-3500 inside view

The interior of the LB3510 can be accessed by loosening two screws and lifting the front of the cover. One double wide replaces two standard Lithium Ion batteries with additional battery bays provided below and on either side of the newly designed blade motor. If you decide post-purchase that a second set of batteries would benefit your lawn, they can be easily installed in just a few minutes.
Just like all of the other Lawnbott mowers, adjustment of the blade height is a snap. The included wrench is conveniently mounted in the body to prevent loss

The solid, roomy, one piece base is designed to keep the weight down while providing superior structural strength. An incorporated seal keeps moisture and dirt outside where it belongs.

The new wheels provide suitable traction for level lawns and traction assist wheel spikes are available for more challenging terrain.

The Business End
Robotic Mower Blade Lawnbott Blade Replacement

No matter how simple or complex a mower might be, the performance of the blade is what counts in the end. The 14", four edge, high quality blade will slice cleanly through the grass for a beautiful cut every time. The blade normally provides one year of service and is easily changed in a just a few minutes. The mowing height can be adjusted up to nearly 3 inches.
The Proof is in the Picture - Click Here for an Image of a LB3510 maintained lawn (opens new window)
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