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The Robomow RM510 In-depth Guide and Review
Overview, Body and Mechanicals
RM200 and RM510- Overview, Body and Mechanicals
Safety Features
Features and Zones
RM200  Robomower on lawn Robomow RM400 detail
Mature Design
Friendly Robotics decided to step outside the comfort zone with the release of the RM400 and its decendent RM510 Robotic Lawn Mower is a mature version of that design. Designed for smaller properties or properties with more than one grass area, the mowers are more compact to allow them to get into more confined areas than their larger cousins. The new single blade design is powered by two lead acid batteries and runs a maximum of 2.5 hours per day. The RM510 includes a dock for scheduled mowing and automatic recharge while the RM200 can be stored indoors and is started manually. They are both loaded with features and allow you to easily use as many, or as few as you need.
What's in the Box
  • RM Series Robotic Lawn Mower
  • Docking Station (RM510)
  • 500' Feet of Perimeter Wire (should be plenty for most proper installs)
  • 200 Pegs
  • Power Supply ( requires 110v power )
  • Wire Signal Transmitter (in dock)
  • Wireless Manual Controller (Optional)
  • Blade
  • Perimeter Wire Installation Ruler
  • Easy Install Instructional DVD
Capabilities and Coverage
A new software allows a choice of random pattern for odd shaped areas or pre-programmed pattern for more open areas. Zone Jumping is now supported with the RM510 (more detail on the features section) for automated travel to different grass areas. . The RM510 is rated to maintain 4500 square feet over a three day period. The position of the blade head places the edge of the 7 inch cut outside of the wheel travel. This arrangement reduces trimming along beds since it can over hang the edge by about an inch.
Even Quieter
A new cogged belt drive system eliminates whining gears and makes the drive system practically silent by comparison.
New Easy Access Height Adjustment and Built in Charger
Lawn Mower
Lawn Mower Blade
Cover access is a simple as giving the front of the hood a pull. It then lifts open to reveal the single knob, incrementally marked height adjuster. Adjusting the height can be accomplished in seconds. The built in charger has its own cord storage bay and is used for charging the Robomow within a garage or shed. The charger also functions as a winter charger for the RM510 when stored outside of the dock. The 5800 RPM Blade motor features a ribbed aluminum housing to help it stay cool.
New Docking System (RM510 only)
RM400  Robomower dock connections Robomow RM400  guide review
The New Dock connects easily. The power supply simply plugs in for mistake proof connection. Access is tool less via the removable front cover. Alignment marks are molded in and the new dock guide makes the installation alignment very forgiving. We actually tried to get it to miss. If it makes it onto the platform, it pretty much takes if from there. You should get it as close as you can though.
A Look at the Inside (for the techies)
Lawn Mower Rm400 warranty repairs

As with every new mower that we get, we just had to take it apart to look inside. Aside from satisfying our curiosity, hopefully showing it will save someone from doing it themselves.

We were very impressed with the engineering that went into this new design and it is obvious that this was not a "rush to market" product. The cover is fairly easy to remove and is sealed around the entire perimeter. The main circuit board is contained in its own separate sealed compartment and is mounted under the control panel. The placement of the two 11 amp hr lead-acid batteries Vs the cutting head seems to be for balancing the weight placed of the rear wheels.
Even Weight = Even Traction.

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